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Air Liquid Systems

The Hoffman Vacu-Matic Filter is the heart of Air Liquid Systems, Inc. di Hoffman filtration line.
It is used Air Liquid Systems, Inc. is an industrial manufacturing
throughout industry to provide cost effective and trouand service company serving worldwide customers for ble free filtration in a wide variety of applications.
 Hoffman filters are used to reclaim and recycle industrial coolants, filter process liquids, and clarify waste effluents.  The results are threefold:

 Air Liquid Systems
  • Product quality increased - prevents contaminants from being reintroduced into lines and damaging products

  • Costs reduced - less liquid and energy consumption, decreased waste disposal, increased equipment and tool life, and the Vacu-Matic's proven reliability which results in lower maintenance costs and less down time;

  • Waste disposal simplified - automatic media index and discharge of the dried filtrate cake into a  collection bin provides maximum filtration with minimum user interface needed

F-750 Vacu-Matic Filter

The Vacu-Matic Filterís design provides positive filtration for suspended particles, skimming of floating contaminants (tramp oils, gels, etc.), and aeration to eliminate bacterial


Aspetti generali del Vacu-Matic
  Funzionamento dell'HI-FLO VACU-MATIC
Funzionamento del VACU-MATIC COMPACT
  Diagrammi di lavorazione
Design, costruzione, accessori ed opzioni
  Filtraggio supplementare e prodotti di purificazione
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